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BAMITS understands better than anyone, the frustration felt by many businesses when trying to choose the best and most reliable service provider that will meet and even exceed their I.T needs and expectations. This is why we have decided to make it a little easier for you in making your decision by listing just a few ways in which BAMITS delivers a very different service to that of our competitors.
So what makes BAMITS different?
We offer our clients a very 'human' interaction

One thing that BAMITS has become aware of over the past few years has been the lack of personal interaction when it comes to the delivery of I.T services. This ‘Human’ interaction is often seen by many I.T businesses as being an expensive and time consuming investment that reaps little return. BAMITS strongly disagrees with this approach and this is why we invest heavily in both our time and money, to bring about a personal interaction to our service delivery. Our focus is to ensure that our clients have every available opportunity to communicate and interact with us on a ‘Human’ level instead of being forced to discuss important issues with an emotionless machine. It has been this focus on our personal interaction with our clients that has

assisted BAMITS to reach all new levels of business service excellence.

We customise our solutions to suit the needs of our individual clients
Despite popular belief, when it comes to providing an I.T advisory, solution or managed service to clients, it is never a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In understanding this, BAMITS works closely with our clients to establish true business advisory, solutions or managed services needs and takes all of this information into consideration before applying the correct implementation. BAMITS works collaboratively all the way through this process to ensure that clients are empowered to make the correct decisions that are right for them, based on factual information that is relevant to their unique situation. After all, we believe that knowledge is power and we are keen to share this knowledge with those who need empowering.
Customer service and client satisfaction is our priority
BAMITS recognises and embraces the fact that our clients are our livelihood. Although reaching our clients' objectives and bringing greater efficiency to their business is high on our priority list, it is the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that our clients receive from seeing a problem disappear, with minimal fuss, all delivered with the highest level of customer service that really sticks in their minds. It is by abiding by this simple principal that BAMITS is able to ensure strong and lasting relationships with all our business partners
We offer flexible pricing to suit any need or budget
In today’s modern business world it is an absolute necessity to undertake business with flexible partners that understand your business needs. BAMITS recognises that this level of flexibility also extends to areas such as billing and pricing and that not every business is the same when it comes to the services being provided. Given this fact, why should our clients have to pay more for services that they will never need or use? In knowing the importance of remaining flexible in this area, BAMITS has designed several different pricing structures that serve as a template for our pricing when dealing with individual client’s service packages. As an extension to this, BAMITS can also ‘tailor make’ a pricing and services structure that is more suitable to an individual client's needs should our generalised pricing servicing be insufficient in reaching the desired outcome
We are a local company who understands local business needs
BAMITS is a local company, born and bred. We understand the needs of local business and strongly believe in utilising and supporting other local businesses.
Our solutions work, and they last
One of the main reasons why our clients contact us is because they have been let down by other service providers at some point in their past and are looking to finally conquer their I.T demons. One thing that BAMITS not only knows, but embraces as being one of our core beliefs, is that we are nothing without our high quality solutions. In essence, this is the very core of our existence and the life blood of our business. In order to maintain this ‘life blood’ we need to be able to deliver the right solution for our clients, make sure that it works right the first time and that the solution will last. This is what BAMITS achieves on a daily basis and we do not intend to stop!
We love a challenge
We don’t shy away from a challenge, we embrace it. We love having the opportunity to sink our teeth into something new and find the opportunity exciting. We often take on projects that others believe to be impossible and have made a name for ourselves by delivering results against these particularly tricky solutions areas.