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Hosted Services
Vranger Managed Backup Service
By providing a fully managed solution for your virtual backup environment we take the headaches out of the day to day backup management. Underpinning our offering with vRanger, the leader in Virtual backup and replication, the BAMITS help desk will manage all day to day requirements and support. Our certified vRanger engineers will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your RPO & RTO requirements can be met and your vRanger architecture meets all best practices
Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC. However instead of residing locally, all software and data are housed in our servers. Hosted Desktops offer numerous advantages in terms of cost savings, security, flexibility and reduced management. Our hosted desktops reside in a purpose built computing environment with 24/7 air conditioning and generator ensuring high availability of your critical applications.


Some of the key benefits of our hosted desktop solution are:

Hosted Desktop - Delight Employees
Leave It To Experts
Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

Why not leave all the hard work to BAMITS? We live and breathe IT services. We love technology. Instead of investing your businesses finance and energy into infrastructure such as servers, software licenses, network equipment and hardware maintenance, why not invest in our Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?


With our IaaS there is no need to worry about:

IAAS - dot points