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BAMITS Timeline

BAMITS was established in May 2013 by Blair Muller (Director of BAMITS), BAMITS has developed from very humble beginnings to establish itself as a leading I.T. solutions provider servicing multiple clients from multiple industries throughout Gippsland and the greater Metropolitan areas.


In early 2006 and before the establishment of BAMITS, Blair was given a unique opportunity to put his Information Technology skills to the test by accepting an employment offer from a large organisation that provides services within the Public Health Sector.  Blair accepted this position with gusto and was assigned a technicians position where he was required to provide his services as the organisations in house I.T. expert. Blair’s expertise was in providing innovative centralised solutions and in particular, his abilities to utilise cost effective solutions, leveraging from market leader technologies such as VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix.


During his time of employment, Blair was not only required to provide I.T. solutions for his employer but was also required to deliver multiple presentations and facilitation sessions throughout the greater Health Sector Industry. These sessions really began to highlight Blair’s unique approach to I.T. services, and so it was during this period of time that Blair began to establish a very strong reputation as a quality service provider and quickly found himself to be extremely sought after. After gaining permission from his employers, Blair began to provide consultancy services outside of his regular employment duties and with this, the first seeds were planted that would later grow into BAMITS.


Between the years of 2006 and 2011, Blair was still gainfully employed within the Health Services Industry but was now building a very strong business with BAMITS. During this period, Blair was given very unique projects to work on via his current employer. These projects were in addition to his external pursuits with BAMITS and considered to be somewhat pioneering.

After more than five years of integration and collaboration on these particular projects and whilst simultaneously building BAMITS, Blair and his team achieved all the projects' objectives and therefore subsequently brought the whole thing to a close.

A unique thing about one of these projects in particular was that for the first time Blair had leveraged from Intel’s vPro technology and in so doing, sent BAMITS down a new path of opportunity. (If you would like to read more about this subject, then please feel free to do so here).

As an interesting side note to this, Intel Australia had followed Blair’s progression throughout the entire project and subsequently had become very interested in his innovative approach to providing solutions. In fact, they liked it so much, that they decided to engage BAMITS as a specialist advisor.

This particular turning point was when Blair left his full time employment to focus all his energy on building BAMITS into the business it is today.


Between the years of 2011 and 2013, Intel Australia engaged BAMITS to integrate vPro into organisations such as Australian PostCISRO and the Gordon TAFE in Geelong. One noteworthy project in particular was the solution that BAMITS provided for the Gordan Tafe. This specific outcome was such a success and yielded such advances that Intel Australia decided to extend our approach past the Australian market place and began marketing this new approach to their worldwide customer base. . (If you are interested in further information, you can watch the video here).


In March 2013 BAMITS began working with AGL Energy, providing assistance with an IT solution for one of their major sites. AGL Energy engaged BAMITS to assist in revolutionising their control infrastructure at the Loy Yang Power station in Regional Victoria. On implementation this new infrastructure was a complete success. It proved to be highly efficient and served to build BAMITS’ reputation for quality service and customised solutions even further.

In early 2013, due to the overwhelming demand for its services and to ensure that it could better service its clients' needs, BAMITS expanded its employee base to include two additional staff members thereby providing a managed I.T service as well as a service desk capability.