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Blair Muller

Managing Director

In March of 2003 Blair completed his University Degree at Monash University (Gippsland) where he proudly received his Bachelor of Computing. Since that date, Blair has continued to work and grow within the broad fields of Information Technology and has made this field not only a career but his life’s ambition.

Blair is certified in multiple enterprise industry technologies including Microsoft, Citrix and VMware. He is a keen contributor to Microsoft and Intel forums, helping others overcome the same hurdles and challenges he has faced throughout his career.

Blair’s passion and commitment for IT has seen him flourish in multiple IT roles, giving him the inside knowledge to deliver on a variety of services for BAMITS clients.

Brad Muller Image

Brad Muller

Helpdesk Operator

In 2013 Brad was selected to join BAMITS due to his incredible focus on people and his absolute passion for helping others overcome their problems. It's this attitude that sets Brad above the rest and allows him to offer our clients the very best in personalised services.


Brad's skillset effortlessly transitioned into his new role at BAMITS; his strong customer focus and a well-grounded approach to problem solving has ensured BAMITS delivers on what we promise - "No Excuses, Just Results"

Matt Image

Matt Rowe

Systems Engineer

Matt too joined BAMITS in 2013. Matt’s extraordinary caring nature caught Blair's attention early in his career.

Matt is a perfect fit for the BAMITS’s culture; His ability to listen and understand the needs of client’s, his responsive personality and uncanny ability to translate often complex tasks into simple solutions, has seen him excel throughout his career.


Matt’s IT career started in 2008 as an IT trainee in the health sector. His thirst for knowledge and commitment to helping others made him highly desirable in the private IT sector. In 2010 Matt established himself in the private sector as a leading solutions integrator and now has over 3 years’ experience delivering complex IT solutions.

Chris Image

Chris Maliko

Systems Engineer

Chris joined BAMITS in 2014 to help develop the BAMITS Help Desk.


Chris commenced his IT career with Human Services in 1999 with a role in the Y2K project and went on to serve 6 years at the DHS Helpdesk (First & Second level support). Chris supported over 650 staff members in the Gippsland Region during his time at DHS and in his last 18 months there moved over to the HR department. During his time in HR, Chris started his own IT Training program and was responsible for training over 300 staff members.


In mid-2005, Chris moved to Melbourne and worked for the Australian Football League doing IT Support. In 2007, he moved back to Gippsland to oversee a family business, and also moved across to the Finance Industry. We welcome Chris to BAMITS back into the IT industry.

Perry Image

Perry Askew

Helpdesk Operator

Perry joined BAMITS in 2014 as a Helpdesk Operator.


Perry started his I.T career in the UK studying a level 2 diploma for I.T. Practitioners (I.T. systems support) at New College Nottingham. Perry’s excellent customer service and communication skills made him a perfect candidate to join the team at BAMITS.


Since joining the BAMITS team, Perry has continued to develop his skills and experience. In addition to helpdesk tasks Perry now also provides level 2 support.

Ben Image

Ben Renninson

Systems Engineer

In 2014 Ben completed his Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems. Ben also began devloping his experience with network technologies and received his Cisco CCENT and CCNA certification.


Ben has been working in IT since 2008, when he began his career as a trainee working in a helpdesk role. Since then, his thirst for knowledge and ability to find solutions to complex problems has allowed him to excel in meeting clients' IT challenges and delivering consistent results. This culminated in Ben joining BAMITS in December 2014 as a Systems Engineer.

Ben Kingwill Image

Ben Kingwill

Business Development Manager

Ben Kingwill joined the BAMITS team in March 2015 as our Business Development Manager. Ben has over 10 years experience managing client relationships. Ben started his IT career at Sage Technology where his ability to actively manage client relationships was fully recognised and developed. Ben achieves this by proactively engaging with our clients. Ben's skill is understanding clients’ needs and delivering, making Ben an important asset to the team.


Blair Muller, the Managing Director of BAMITS was in fact originally a client of Ben’s. Blair says, “Ben stood out because he cared about the relationship, followed up on all enquires and ensured he delivered on what he said.”


Ben is approachable, genuine and follows the BAMITS core vision of delivering no excuses - just results.

Hayden Image

Hayden Maximiw

Helpdesk Operator

Hayden Maximiw joined BAMITS full-time in April 2015. Finishing his certificate IV in Information Technology in 2014, Hayden was keen to show the IT industry what he had to offer. Hayden approached BAMITS in March 2015 and was employed casually as a Helpdesk Operator.


By April, Hayden’s ambition and drive had secured him a full-time position in the role. The team saw Hayden’s potential and our clients loved Hayden’s outstanding communication skills.


Hayden prides himself on his excellent customer service and outstanding communication skills, and this makes him a perfect fit for the team at BAMITS.

Michael Image

Michael Szabo

Systems Engineer

In March of 2003 Michael graduated with Blair from Monash University (Gippsland) and proudly received his Bachelor of Computing.


Since graduating, Michael has held various roles in the public and private sectors. In his first position, Michael was responsible for coordinating staff and contractors to provide delivery of diverse IT services to 360 staff, 270 PCs and 26 remote sites. His second role involved working on improving information systems, completing business process improvements, data quality projects and reporting. Michael’s third role saw him fill a position left vacant by Blair, where he provided support and consulting to the private sector on technologies including SAN, VMware cluster and VDI implementations. Michael’s fourth role involved development of a mobile app, API and enhancements for an enterprise and cloud software company.


Since starting with BAMITS in September 2015, Michael has brought to the team a diverse range of skills that all clients will benefit from.