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Employees today increasingly access their organisations'

applications and data from different locations, different computers, and even different mobile devices. At BAMITS, we have extensive experience in delivering highly secure, flexible and consistent remote access solutions, engineered to support the widest range of connectivity options, endpoints and platforms, in line with your changing and diverse accessibility needs. From seamless access solutions such as Microsoft Direct Access, to application and virtual desktop solutions provided by Citrix and VMWARE, we can engage a broad variety of network options to provide your authorised partners, staff and clients with mobile access to any or all specified systems and data.


BAMITS have delivered solutions for our clients utilising the following technologies:

VMware Horizon - Citrix ZenDesktop 7
Our remote solutions are designed to give your employees a seamless and secure solution inside and outside your corporate environment. Contact us today to discuss with us how BAMITS can provide you with a remote solution.
Work From Wherever You Need To