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When it comes to your business I.T service needs, BAMITS provides you with expertly delivered, unique I.T services, specifically designed to achieve your individual business goals and objectives.


No matter what outcome you want to achieve, BAMITS has a service package that's right for you!

Support Services

Our Support Services package has been specifically designed to provide our clients with a flexible I.T solution that has no "lock in" contract terms. This service package allows for the purchase of block hours that can be utilsed at any time and which never expire. This package service is a perfect solution for clients who require access to all our I.T solution services but who also wish to maintain control over the amount of I.T outsourcing undertaken and who require access to I.T issue analysis.


The purchasing of these 'block hours' allows access to our:

Our Services
Managed Services
Our Managed Services package is BAMITS's 'outsourcing service' and is an excellent way to assist our clients with delivering against all their internal I.T business needs. What makes this particular service unique is it greatly reduces (and often removes) the need for expensive internal I.T resources normally dedicated to maintaining and improving I.T systems in a business. If this sounds like a service that could benefit your business, then BAMITS's Managed Services could be the right service solution for you.
We succeed when you succeed
Hosted Services
Is your current I.T solution too expensive, outdated, hard to understand or a huge drain on your internal resources? Do you want to remove the headache of dealing with the day to day management that goes with maintaining a highly efficient I.T system? Then BAMITS's fully hosted services may be the perfect fit for your business.
Consultation Services
Our Consulting Services are an excellent way for our clients to access the expert skills and years of knowledge held with our I.T Engineers. This expertise is most commonly used for small, medium and large project works, to bridge implementation knowledge gaps and/or to assist with the strategic planning of I.T solutions