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BAMITS began as a solutions specialist and we continue to lead the industry with our skills and experience in market leading technologies. Whether you are looking to upgrade existing aging infrastructure or deploy an entirely new network solution, BAMITS can assist with making your solution work the way you need it to.


The solutions pillar of our business incorporates:

Don't let server sprawl and platform dependencies prevent your organization from achieving its goals. Take control of your IT infrastructure by consolidating servers. Cut capital and operating costs while increasing IT service delivery without being locked into limited choices of operating systems.
Remote Services
As company and employee-owned devices increasingly become essential business tools, the need for remote connectivity to corporate resources is a major player in achieving strategic goals. The remote access solutions provided by BAMITS are the most comprehensive options to connect your employees to the information they need, with the security and ease-of-management that administrators require. BAMITS has successfully delivered multiple remote access solutions, leveraging from core technologies provided by partners such as Citrix, VMWare, Intel and Microsoft.
Recovery Solutions

If running any type of server and you do not have a solid backup solution, you are tempting fate. It's only a matter of time before something tragic will happen: a hardware failure, a hacker, or a corrupted update. Something will bring that server down and do everything it can to take your data with it.


BAMITS have several reliable backup solutions available for the server environments that can be depended upon to keep your data safe.

Real solutions to your problems
Thin Clients
By utilising the resources of dedicated servers you can remove your business’ need for costly Desktop PCs and move to a Thin Client Solution. Utilising proven technologies from Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, your business will see dramatic savings in both upfront and long term costs compared to a standard Desktop Environment.