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Just like a voucher, BAMITS's block service hours entitle you to services upon redemption.


This simple, easy to understand and flexible system allows our clients to purchase hours in block amounts and then use these hours when and if required. Hours can be redeemed against any of our customized services and are most commonly used for utilizing specialist resources to engineer solutions, perform routine and emergency maintenance programs or for simply providing onsite and remote support. Redemption of these purchased hours against services is based on a flat hourly rate and offers the following benefits:

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Included in our Support Services package is access to our senior specialist technicians with specific I.T expertise who can attend your place of business to assist with any onsite I.T issue. In utilising our Onsite Support Service, you can rest assured that:

Do you need the expertise of a skilled I.T Engineer to assist with your I.T infrastructure development or other I.T project works? Then our Consultancy Service could be the right fit for your business.


Access to our Consultancy Service is another inclusion within purchased Support Services hours and can be utilised to assist your business with specific project works or even with high level I.T Strategic planning.


For more information on our Consultancy Services, please visit our Consultancy Services Pages.

Hours purchased within our Support Services package can be utilised to access our popular service desk (help desk service) that entitles our clients access to all level 1 and level 2 I.T assistance requests. Use of this service is based on a flat hourly rate and includes the following benefits and/or conditions: