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Revamped IT infrastructure is essential to unlocking the boundless potential of your students.

With advancements in technology, education has transcended the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom and migrated to the digital space.

In order to provide a seamless and fruitful online learning experience, your organisation requires an IT infrastructure that can adapt to evolving demands such as enhanced security, accessibility, and performance.

Whether your objective is to establish an extensive remote classroom catering to numerous students or to optimize the traditional on-campus experience, BAMITS Cloud for Education is equipped to upgrade your IT infrastructure, catering to the present and future requirements.

Education System | BAMITS

BAMITS Cloud Services For Education

Education System | BAMITS

as a service

Highest security and performance for IT transformation.

Education System | BAMITS

Disaster recovery
as a service

Security and compliance-focused disaster recovery in the cloud.

Education System | BAMITS


Backup and recovery to protect against internal and external cybersecurity threats.

Education System | BAMITS


Secure and compliant backup for sensitive Microsoft 365 data.

Education System | BAMITS


Cost-efficient and secure storage for long-term preservation of data.

Education Spotlight

The Education Spotlight shines brightly on BAMITS  DRaaS solution. As cyber-attacks continue to escalate in today’s era, the significance of having this solution implemented cannot be overstated.

Sean Lee, General Manager of IT, Vermont Law School

Education: Unprecedented scale, access, and
flexibility to meet your changing student needs

IT cost efficiency, consolidation, and optimisation

Numerous educational organisations today face challenges in terms of the performance, accessibility, and security of outdated IT infrastructures, while simultaneously grappling with the need to cut costs. However, as the demands for success continue to increase for institutions and students alike, migrating to the cloud can be a solution.

Adopting BAMITS Cloud provides a plethora of benefits, including a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership of your IT infrastructure, encompassing hardware, software, data center, and management costs. Additionally, the transition to a pay-per-use hosted public and private cloud allows for more efficient and streamlined deployment, management, and consumption of resources. The move also reduces the number of vendors, ultimately enhancing the value proposition for students’ online learning services. Finally, the cloud infrastructure provides enhanced data protection and security measures to safeguard your data.

Application and data performance, access and availability

BAMITS understands that educational organisations are often concerned about meeting regulatory requirements. By adopting BAMITS Cloud, schools and universities can rest assured that their data, including confidential student information, will be secured and protected.

Even though your organisation may have a proficient team to handle on-premises audits, moving to the cloud may necessitate additional assistance. To address this, BAMITS has a dedicated in-house compliance team that ensures education customers can leverage the benefits of cloud computing while simultaneously adhering to government requirements and securely storing PI.

Resource flexibility, agility, and scale

BAMITS provides resource flexibility, agility, and scale benefits to educational institutions seeking to modernise their IT infrastructure. With BAMITS Cloud, educational institutions can reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their IT estate, including hardware, software, management, and data center costs. This can free up valuable resources that can be reallocated towards enhancing the learning experience for students.

Security and controls

BAMITS understands the importance of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data in the education sector. Therefore, it offers robust security measures and controls to ensure that educational institutions can safeguard their sensitive data from internal and external threats.

With BAMITS Cloud, educational institutions can benefit from a multi-layered security approach that includes physical security measures, such as strict access controls, surveillance cameras, and 24/7 monitoring, as well as logical security measures, such as data encryption, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and firewalls. These measures work together to provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats and unauthorised access to data.

In addition, BAMITS provides educational institutions with granular control over their data, allowing them to define access policies and permissions based on the principle of least privilege. This helps ensure that only authorised individuals can access sensitive data, reducing the risk of data breaches caused by human error or malicious intent. With BAMITS, educational institutions can rest assured that their data is secure and under their control, allowing them to focus on delivering a superior learning experience for their students.

Dedicated, in-house compliance team

The BAMITS compliance team provides ongoing monitoring and auditing to ensure that educational institutions are meeting regulatory requirements. This helps educational institutions avoid potential regulatory penalties and fines, reducing their overall compliance risk. With the dedicated, in-house compliance team at BAMITS, educational institutions can have the peace of mind that their data is properly secured and protected while complying with regulatory requirements.

Additional BAMITS features and capabilities to help support
your education transformation

Education System | BAMITS

BAMITS cloud technology.

The technology that underpins cloud services plays a critical role in ensuring reliable and secure performance. BAMITS recognises this and relies on top-tier technology from industry leaders such as VMware, HPE Nimble, Cisco and Trend Micro to deliver its cloud services.

Education System | BAMITS

We make migration easy.

Migrating existing VMware applications and workloads to a cloud platform can be a complex and challenging process, but with BAMITS, it’s made easy. Our cloud platform is specifically designed for optimal performance, availability, and security, ensuring a seamless transition for your applications and workloads.

Education System | BAMITS

Right-sized cloud for your workloads.

BAMITS offers dedicated strategy and deployment services that allow educational institutions to seamlessly extend their existing VMware-based workloads to the cloud. This is achieved without the need for application replatforming, which can be time-consuming and disruptive.

Education System | BAMITS

End-to-end managed services & support

At BAMITS, we understand that managing cloud resources can be a daunting task for many organisations. That’s why we offer a comprehensive management solution that covers all cloud resources, up to the hypervisor level.

Education System | BAMITS

Multi-layered security.

Managed security is an essential component of BAMITS Cloud, with purpose-selected security measures incorporated across all services. This approach ensures that security is an integral part of the cloud platform, offering clients peace of mind and protecting them against potential threats.

Education System | BAMITS

Easy-to-use tools

We’ve designed our service management tools and capabilities to be familiar and intuitive, making it easy for you to transition from on-premises environments to the cloud.

Our service management tools and capabilities are designed to provide a seamless experience, with features that are similar to those used on-premises. This allows you to leverage your existing knowledge and expertise, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

Education System | BAMITS

Pay for what you consume

BAMITS offers a consumption-based service model that is designed to provide clients with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The model is based on the actual usage of resources rather than allocation, ensuring high levels of utilisation, reduced complexity, and improved forecast accuracy.

Education System | BAMITS

A unified approach

Experience the advantages of streamlined management with the BAMITS Cloud Console, which offers a single point of control for all your cloud services. It comes with built-in data protection and integrated security features that cover public cloud, private cloud, disaster recovery, backup, and other services.

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