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Operating a construction business means large workforces, numerous devices, dynamic projects, multiple locations that change, complicated logistics and complex supply chains. We understand to maintain your competitive edge, you must have transparency with vendors, clients and ensure your operations are cohesive in everything from project site management, to inspections and billing. That’s where Managed IT Services have become a necessity for construction companies.

Digital transformation and technology services is a trend that only stands to increase as the construction industry continues to innovate. Standards such as drone surveying, 3D printing and GPS wearables to monitor and increased safety regulations – translate to more data and emphasise consolidating platforms and keeping systems online and secure.

Our comprehensive managed service & cyber security solutions are a smarter way to manage your construction IT.

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS

BAMITS Services for energy & resources sector

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS


Highest security and performance for IT transformation.

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS


Security and compliance-focused disaster recovery in the cloud.

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS


Backup and recovery to protect against internal and external cybersecurity threats.

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS


Secure and compliant backup for sensitive Microsoft 365 data.

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS


Cost-efficient and secure storage for long-term preservation of data.

Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS

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Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS
Energy Sector Solutions | BAMITS

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