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Professional Services

IT Strategy & Delivery

Through our innovative and comprehensive approach to IT and business strategy consulting, we have empowered our clients to prioritize the execution of their IT roadmap and optimize their expenditures

Extensive Client Discovery

We initiate every project with an extensive client discovery process that incorporates deep dive analysis of your business workflows, IT infrastructure, and applications. By leveraging this information, we create tailored solutions that address your specific needs, such as increasing system efficiency, bolstering cybersecurity measures, or enhancing customer satisfaction.

Assess Current state

By examining your infrastructure, applications, and workflows, we can identify areas for improvement and develop a roadmap to enhance your operations. Our assessment process provides a clear understanding of your current IT state, enabling us to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that drive positive outcomes for your business.

IT & Security Audit

Our comprehensive audit process includes a detailed examination of your network, applications, and systems to identify areas for improvement. The key outcomes of our audit service include improved security posture, reduced risk of data breaches, and enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements.

System & Processes Review

A comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, applications, and workflows. Through our rigorous review process, we identify opportunities for optimisation, enhanced efficiency, and increased cost savings. The key outcomes of our System & Processes Review service include streamlined business operations, improved system performance, and reduced IT-related expenses.

Road Map Development

Our experts work with you to identify your organisation’s unique needs and goals and develop a detailed roadmap to guide your IT investments and initiatives. The key outcomes of our Road Map Development service include enhanced IT efficiency, improved alignment of IT and business goals, and increased ROI on IT investments.

Strategy Delivery

End-to-end support for the implementation of your IT initiatives. Our experienced team works closely with you to ensure the successful execution of your IT strategy, from project planning and resource allocation to testing and deployment. The key outcomes of our Strategy Delivery service include timely and efficient delivery of IT initiatives, improved project success rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Professional Services

Staff Augmentation

BAMITS offers comprehensive Staff Augmentation solutions to businesses in Australia. With our flexible approach and extensive coverage, we can cater to diverse staffing requirements. Our skilled professionals hold various certifications and possess extensive experience, ensuring that we provide the right fit for your staffing needs.

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, we offer customisable staffing solutions for professional IT staff. Our placements can range from 1-5 days per week, and/or 1-8 hours per day, depending on your business needs. Our extensive team of full-time support staff allows us to effectively manage workload distribution

We also provide complete backfill options for sick leave and annual leave, as well as after-hours support, emergency escalations, and standby services. We understand that each business has unique staffing needs, and we are dedicated to developing tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our Difference

professional services strategy | BAMITS

Experienced IT professionals with battle-tested skills

professional services strategy | BAMITS

Adaptable engagement models

professional services strategy | BAMITS

Comprehensive backfill support

professional services strategy | BAMITS

Technical and operational supervision

professional services strategy | BAMITS

Continuous professional development and certification initiatives

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professional services strategy | BAMITS

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